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92% of executives surveyed say financial education is important but only 34% of employees report receiving assistance with personal finances. Why the gap?

We can help you build a scalable, flexible financial education program to reach each of your employees just the way they need it - personally.
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Employees Need Assistance

Studies show that many employees are stressed about their financial situations. These employees admit that personal finances are a distraction at work. While employees hold benefit plans in high regard, only 34% of employees surveyed1 state that their employer offers services to assist them with personal finances. Clearly a 401(k) plan is not enough to cover their financial concerns.

myFinancialAnswers is comprehensive, helping employees understand and game plan for virtually all of their concerns.

Top Financial Concerns

Source: Top financial concerns, PwC 2014 Employee Wellness Survey
Source: 1PwC 2014 Employee Wellness Survey

DC Sponsors Consider People-Based Services Most Important, By Far

Source: AllianceBernstein Research 2005
Source: AllianceBernstein Research 2005

Financial Education Matters for Employers

Employer plan sponsors believe that employee financial education is a top priority. But even beyond retirement, research2 is demonstrating that financial education in the workplace is proving increased employee engagement and decreased absenteeism. Research aside, employers know the value of impactful benefits intimately. Workplace financial planning provides an opportunity for employers to reduce a proven stressor and create an environment where employees can offer more of themselves and their capabilities – their loyalty and great contribution.

myFinancialAnswers provides a highly personal financial plan for each employee, meeting their unique stressors head on.


myFinancialAnswers Advantages of Participation


  • Personalized offering which employees prefer in benefits
  • Unbiased advice which individuals trust and desire
  • Use aggregate data insights for future benefit program decisions


  • Improved engagement drives loyalty of employees
  • Reduced financial stress reduces absenteeism and disability
  • Confident employees drives productivity and profitability


  • Cost of standalone software as a benefit is low relative to other benefits
  • Flexibility to design live or virtual support when desired, not required
  • Independent benefit or wrap it into your existing retirement plan education


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Retirement Plan Provider

61% of plan sponsors say “yes, pre-retirement counseling is a service that I would pay more for.”

We can help you improve your service offering by refocusing on what matters most to your clients - their employees' financial outcomes. Use our platform to deliver your services in a more intimate way.
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Plan Sponsors Seek Personalized Education

For plan sponsors, their participants matter most when it comes to assessing retirement plan services. In fact, a study of 1,200 CFOs, senior HR leaders and other executives with plan responsibility revealed that 89% of plan sponsors believe plan advisors should spend >70% of their time on educating participants. In fact, plan sponsors highlight specific advice, or tailored to the participant needs or goals, as an attribute they desire most. Additionally, plan sponsors crave a human touch from these advisors.

myFinancialAnswers provides plan advisors and service providers with a mechanism to deliver personalized, custom education efficiently. We enable DIY education as well as cost effective in-person and virtual counseling.

Nearly All DC Sponsors Don’t Believe that Industry “Guidance Tools” are Advice

Source: AllianceBernstein Research 2005
Source: AllianceBernstein Research 2005

When Plan Sponsors are Asked “What’s Most Important?”

Source: AllianceBernstein Research 2009
Source: AllianceBernstein Research 2009

Retirement Planning is Larger Than the 401(k)

Helping employees plan for retirement requires educating beyond the plan. Appropriate investment and retirement income stream decisions both require a thorough understanding of non-retirement plan assets and income. Social security, part-time jobs, spouse retirement plans are critical to understand. Increasing savings rates and participation also require understanding the concerns employees have with budgeting and other savings goals such as saving for college. Statistics show that employees make better decisions if they have a financial plan. And a snapshot of participant’s life can make your job as plan service provider far easier.

myFinancialAnswers provides a platform to understand each participant intimately, making the job of satisfying plan sponsor goals far easier.

Retirement Plan Providers

myFinancialAnswers Advantages of Participation


  • Educate and guide plan participants more personally
  • Deliver more relevant, customized education
  • Illustrate a realistic, individual retirement gaps for each employee


  • Increase plan participation and savings rates
  • Improve participant and sponsor satisfaction with education
  • Improve efficiency of delivering participant education/advice


  • Provides flexible education options (on-site, phone or email)
  • Bundle in existing services or provide as a premium service
  • Overlay your proprietary participant advice service
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Human Resources or Benefits Provider

53% of employees say that they need more help understanding how their benefits work and how each benefit meets their needs.

We can help you understand employee financial needs in great detail. Our platform provides a mechanism for helping employees understand the value of each benefit to their personal life.
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Employees Need Education on Benefits

Employees are looking to their employers for more help in achieving financial security through benefits. But more employees are looking for help in understanding how their benefits work, and, furthermore, how each benefit helps meet their needs. Employees are searching for the tools and services to understand the benefits they already have. In fact, 49% of employees who do not have access to financial education through the workplace would be interested in the opportunity. The challenge is in delivering this education in a way that is personally tailored and also efficient.

myFinancialAnswers provides benefits consultants and providers with the ability to help each individual employee make financial sense of the existing benefits platform.

I Need More Help…

1) Understanding how my benefits work; and,
2) How each benefit option helps meet my needs


I Value Benefits Personalized to Meet My Individual Circumstances and Needs


Employees Want Personalization of Benefits

Employees, particularly those newer to the workforce, value personalization of benefits. Given the expanding role of voluntary benefits and options available to employees, choice is not a problem for employees. They can personalize their benefits lineup quite well but the issue is understanding what is best for their personal situation.

myFinancialAnswers is a personalized benefit by definition given we deliver a personal game plan for each employee and her family. We also help employers and benefits providers shape their benefits offerings to the needs of the employees, improving personalization going forward.

HR/Benefits Providers

myFinancialAnswers Advantages of Participation


  • Drive engagement with a personal financial planning benefit
  • Help employees analyze the impact of each benefit
  • Adjust broader benefits offering as benefits gaps are identified


  • Quantify benefit needs to drive appropriate participant behavior
  • Create custom links to make learning and applications easy
  • Enable a more proactive capability for benefits program design


  • Offer a standalone voluntary benefit or wrap in broader benefits education
  • Improved participation rates increases total revenue
  • Use standard software or customize to specific needs